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Getting A Handle On Food Safety

Last month we address some basic food safety issues – especially those that might come into play with coffee and fountain beverages. We started our discussions here because almost every c-store retailer sells these two categories. Their ability to handle them properly is very indicative of their capabilities of successfully addressing the issue surrounding other foodservice items.

As with all foodservice items it is vital that the products be handled properly. The correct procedure begins to the receipt of the items and their storage. The following outlines some of the basic steps that must be taken to ensure the safety of any foodservice item.

Product Receipt:

Product Storage:

Product Heating/Cooking:

The proper cooking/heating procedures for the product will vary significantly by item. Retailers MUST check with the providers of other programs to ensure that they follow the correct procedures.

Probably on of the next most common foodservice offers found in c-stores is roller-grill products. In fact, CSP magazine in its August issue discussed how various retailers had built successful roller-grill offers. We will us a roller-grill program as an example of cooking/heating procedures.

First and foremost, the proper temperatures must be maintained. The danger zone is between 40 degrees F to 140 degrees (this is true for all products that you are required to heat/cook before serving).

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