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Beverages — The Foundation Of Foodservice

In this issue you have read a great deal about foodservice. We agree that this category is a keystone for today's c-stores. 

The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) just released its State of the Industry (SOI) information for 2006. It revealed that 26% of the average store’s merchandise gross margin came from foodservice.

The real question for you is what is going to anchor your foodservice offer. b2b Solutions advises its client to build their foodservice offer on a foundation of foodservice beverages. Our rationale is twofold.  First, 53% of the gross profit of foodservice profit came from foodservice beverage. Second, if a retailer can not provide a quality foodservice beverage offer, then they have little chance of success for food made on site.

Here are some things you need to about /ask yourself to determine if you provide a quality foodservice beverage offer:

Foodservice is something that c-stores retailers need to do, but we have never found a retailer who was truly successful with foodservice that did not have a sound foundation of foodservice beverages. Beverages are a destination driver for c-stores and not an ancillary sale as they are for QSR's. If you can not answer the questions above in appositive manner, then suggest that you address them before attempting made-on-site foodservice.

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