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Online Category Management Training

b2b Solutions, LLC and Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) developed an On-Line Category Management Training Program specifically developed for c-store and small store retailers. The training will help Retailers move to a more strategic, fact-based approach in their business.

This unique, hands-on online training program provides a real-world experience targeted to small chains and store owners of convenience or small store formats. The training was developed by convenience store (known as small stores in some parts of the world) and certified category management professionals using CMKG's certified training as a foundation.

Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) is a global training organization based in Canada, with training solutions accredited by the Category Management Association that meet or exceed accreditation standards across a full range of topics. Founded in 2002, CKMG provides industry-leading training to thousands of students worldwide, and has continued to forge new paths for category management training, with many industry "firsts", including:

Greg Jones of b2b Solutions has a unique background in convenience store management with specialized expertise in developing “Best Practice Process" for all facets of convenience retailing. His industry experience as Vice President of Merchandising and Director of Advertising for Circle K paved his way as an early adopter of Category Management systems. In his role as Vice President of Strategic Marketing he also directed marketing information systems development, marketing planning and supply chain contract management.

As a Category Management expert, he provided the marketing leadership in the development of the decision support and category management software developed in a joint venture with Accenture and Tosco Marketing. The resulting “Best in Class” category management process was rolled out across 2,500 locations. 

Greg is now bringing this extensive background to Category Management Knowledge Group as a subject matter expert in the development of “Category Management in Your C-Store/Small Store”. 

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