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Business Planning

Many retailers have a clearly defined, documented business market plan and the associated market strategy necessary to achieve excellence. In other cases, the business plan is in the individual minds of their executive staff and it is neither consistent nor clearly communicated to everyone in the company. This often results in an uncoordinated business focus where everyone is working hard, but the company's progress is not consistent with the effort.

b2b Solutions conducts workshops to assist retailers in developing their business plan/strategies and helps document them so they can be shared with the entire organization. These workshops often result in the creation or modification of the company's mission statement, customer promise, and focus on their employees. Workshops are customized based on the company's current business plans and strategies, but most often include the following key topics:

Many times this leads to a more in-depth Operational Assessment so the gap between the AS IS and the TO BE can be clearly defined and action plans created to shrink the gaps.