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Primary Distributor Evaluation Client Feedback

"I contacted b2b Solutions because I was looking for someone to help us select a primary distributor. Our contract was ending with the current supplier and we wanted to make sure we were selecting a distributor who met our needs financially and offered the services we needed."

"b2b Solutions handled the RFP process, did the analysis of the responses and arranged for us to meet the potential distributors. With their help, we were able to select a distributor who met our needs and significantly lowered our cost of goods."

David Hutchinson
Hutchinson Oil Company

Highland Corp., Fast Stop Markets

"We hired b2b Solutions to help with our Primary Distributor Evaluation. We did this because we felt we did not have the time to devote to a full analysis of the different bids. Once b2b Solutions got involved they took the ball and ran. They were very good about communicating with us throughout the process.

We received a great breakdown of the differences between the distributors, both with their services and their monies. We felt that with the analysis we were better equipped to make the best decision for our company. The whole process was very professional and we would certainly hire Steve and his team again in the future."

Seth Blanks
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Highland Corp. / Fast Stop Markets

"b2b Solutions was a tremendous help with our wholesale distributor selection. We were able to make a good decision based on the RFP that Steve and his Team as b2b Solutions performed. We are very satisfied with our decision and would recommend b2b Solutions to other companies."

Nathan Long
Cheers Food And Fuel

"We contacted b2b Solutions because we wanted an independent third party to evaluate potential primary distributors. They handled the entire RFP process for us – contacting a number of potential wholesalers, securing information about their offers, developing and analyzing a comprehensive market basket and arranging for us to meet with representatives of the distributors. b2b Solutions helped us identify a distributor who offered us a substantially reduced cost of goods. I would recommend them to other c-store retailers looking to select a primary distributor."

Don McNutt
Midwest Petroleum

"Using b2b Solutions for the first time was quite a learning experience but I must say the information that was provided through the RFP process enabled us to make the right choice for a wholesale distributor. Steve and his team worked and were always available to help with any questions. I am confident the increased profit will justify the expense of the project."

Rickey Carter
Executive Vice President
Garvin Oil Company

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