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Primary Distributor EvaluationPrimary Distributor Evaluation

Which Primary Distributor is best for you?
How do you determine who has the lower cost for the items you sell?
Who is the best fit for your company today and for the future?

b2b Solutions Can Answer These Questions

The selection of a primary distributor is critical to the success of a convenience retailer. No other supplier will provide more products for more categories.

b2b Solutions team brings a proven methodology to assist retailers in making the correct decision for their company. Our primary distributor decision matrix has thirty-five (35) separate areas we review. We gather information on over 150 key data points on each potential supplier. Areas covered include, but are not limited to, the following:

In addition, b2b Solutions uses a comprehensive market basket approach that includes thousands of individual SKU's. Our analysis separates the distributors product mix into three (3) categories — cigarettes (by taxing authority), OTP (by taxing authority), and all other goods so our clients can see exactly where the differences are between their historic and potential future costs are. This information combined with our competive set matrix provides clients a complete analysis of their alternatives for their use in decision-making.

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