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Real Estate Portfolio Valuation

b2b Solutions has recently expanded its services in the Financial Advisory and Capital Strategies arenas.  In today's tumultuous convenience store and petroleum marketing climate, it is more important than ever for retailers to have a keen understanding of the value of their real estate portfolio and their business enterprise in general. 

Many retailers operate their portfolio without much thought as to the effect of under performing assets, not only on their bottom line, but as to the overall value of their company. b2b Solutions can help to assess the under-performing assets to help determine if the underlying issue with that asset is related to correctable, operational pitfalls, or if it is one of a more permanent nature such as the location.

A retailers understanding of the value of their real estate portfolio is vital for understanding the value of the entire enterprise. Whether assets are owned or leased, their value is most directly tied to the operations at the store level. Most successful companies engage in a continual process of evaluation of their assets, and stay active in shedding the underperforming assets while looking for new stores to add to the portfolio. A real estate portfolio valuation can help a retailer understand where the strengths and weaknesses are in their portfolio, and can bring into focus how to go about making their chain as strong as possible.

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