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Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether interested in purchasing a competitor's chain, expanding to a new region or perhaps exploring the option of a confidential sale, it is important to understand the M&A marketplace and the options available. b2b Solutions  is now engaged in representation of firms for these types of activities, and we specialize in one-to-one transactions for premium confidentiality.

Rather than managing sales processes with multiple potential purchasers, a one-to-one type of transaction allows a retailer to explore the idea of selling their company without bringing a lot of undue attention. Also, buyers may be able to find exposure to potential acquisitions opportunities that were otherwise not available. Additionally, we can assist our clients with advisory services for more traditional M&A transactions being conducted by other firms.

b2b Solutions can represent companies of all sizes for M&A transactions, but our focus is on the lower-market to mid-market sized transactions in the $5M to $100M range. Our experience has shown us that the large investment bank firms tend to overlook smaller transactions. Our position as a consultancy gives us the flexibility to offer supreme service to this market.

Sell-Side Advisory
Clients who want to explore their options regarding a confidential sale of their operation can trust b2b Solutions process. Given that this industry is a relatively small circle, we understand that these types of transactions can present a substantial challenge when it comes to confidentiality. We approach potential buyers with limited information and with a targeted scope, only disclosing details to those potential buyers whom our clients approve.

Buy-Side Advisory
If you have targeted a company or portfolio, we have much experience working with potential buyers to make competitive offers, while understanding what values are too high. Whether your target is actively looking to be purchased, or you would like to approach confidentially, we can help you pursue these efforts.

b2b Solutions M&A Services is headed by Avry Davidovich, Ph.D. He has over 30 years experience in the c-store industry including being CEO of a publicly traded company.

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