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Loss Prevention Services

Bottom line less than you expected?
Experiencing inventory shrink? Cash shortages?
Are your employees and vendors taking your money?
Do your policies and procedures safeguard your c-store's human and financial assets?

Need help to ensure you get, and keep, what's yours?

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The role of protecting a c-store's assets is often a difficult balance. Inventory shrink and cash shortages seem to come with the territory. However, how do you maximize the selling opportunity while at the same time protecting profits? b2b Solutions c-store consulting team has the answers!

We bring together c-store industry tested programs specifically tailored to confront and control internal loss, while developing chain-wide loss prevention programs and site level risk/liability assessments that protect your company's most valuable assets — and put sales dollars to the bottom line as profit.

Our c-store loss prevention consulting services can help turn problems into solutions for:

Rely on b2b Solutions as your loss prevention partner in providing:

  1. Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) support services including security market research and site risk vulnerability assessments.

    Most acquisitions focus on the physical location, merchandising, human capital ;and of course, the balance sheet. Our site risk assessment is conducted from a crime/loss perspective and can provide a roadmap for future operating success and profitability.

  1. Risk and Operational Security Audits

    Initial site reviews can identify risk or necessary operational change while establishing performance goals. Periodic audits – performed by security experts will insure compliance with robbery deterrence and inventory shortage controls.

  1. Security systems assessments; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) reviews; crime specific vulnerability studies, and design of effective security systems (central station, CCTV, access control, perimeter security)

    Security technologies have made enormous advances from the days of a cigar box under the counter. Digital CCTV, remote view video, interactive and robotic security have brought a wide range of choices to the retailer to reduce risk. b2b Solutions can provide the knowledge and guidance to make the right choices to protect your assets.

  1. Trouble-shooting, Training and Project Management

    Inventory shrink control investigations can be time consuming and frequently biased by personalities, long-term associations and a "we've always done it this way" attitude. Outside expertise can provide an objective "reality check" that gets to the heart of complicated loss prevention issues that are site-specific or support a company-wide initiative.

  1. Policies, Procedures And Crisis Management

    Out of date, incomplete or non-existent operational guidelines can hamper success and create liability with customers and employees alike. Don't wait for the unimaginable situation to come to reality before you prepare for a crisis and appropriate response. b2b Solutions can deliver motivational and measurable training materials, employee screening tools and day-to-day operational guidelines that are key to a successful sales and marketing plan!

Nothing puts profit dollars to the bottom line faster, safer or more effectively than controlling loss. A dollar not stolen or lost to employee, customer or vendor theft falls right to the bottom line as profit!

Contact us at 847-295-2418 or via email at sjm@b2bSolutionsLLC.com to discuss your c-store loss prevention needs.